Importance of Rahu in astrology

If Rahu Saves You, Then who Creates Hurdles for you

Rahu is also known as the elusive planet in Indian Vedic astrology and mainly Rahu is considered to be a factor of elusive powers and elusive powers. Apart from this, the thoughts that come to mind without thinking Rahu, the thought that comes out of the mouth suddenly without thinking, in the moments of huge profit or loss, such as gambling, lottery, horse racing, internet and through it Occupations and many other occupations and areas are considered to be factors in your Chart.

This is the only planet in the Navagrahas that can make a person a millionaire, billionaire or even a pauper in the shortest time and that is why this planet is known as the elusive planet in Astrology Horoscope.

If we talk about today’s era, a few years ago people running simple looking websites on the internet did not even know that they would become millionaires or billionaires in a short time.

It is also the work of making some people rich overnight through a lottery or through a game show on television.

Other factors in Rahu include fields such as lottery and stock market, scientists and especially those scientists who suddenly become famous around the world through some new invention, business related to internet and people doing it, software Areas and people associated with it, tobacco trade and consumption, diplomats, politicians, ambassadors, pilots, foreigners, strangers, f Su, prisoners, drug traffickers, sweepers, computer programmers, thugs, fraudsters, birds and especially crow, in-laws, and especially father-in-law and father-in-law, electricians, litter- People who pick up garbage, people who can see with one eye and many other types of areas and people come.

The special effect of Rahu can also make the native knowledgeable of the powers and can also make some kind of miracle or magician. The magicians who surprise people by showing their magic tricks on different forums in the world are usually under the special effect of this planet and those who perform black magic are also under the special effect of Rahu.

The people with strong influence of Rahu usually dominate the natives of Mercury in conversation or debate and in the midst of the debate, they bring out some such things or new facts, which makes their pan very heavy, although most Later in the cases, he himself wonders how he thought it appropriate on the occasion.

It is usually due to Rahu Maharaj’s illusion that the person on the occasion comes to say such things which are not in his own knowledge and suddenly comes out of his mouth.

Rahu is a shadow planet and Rahu represents the air element in the human body.

For astrological calculations, one class of astrologers consider them male planets while another class of astrologers consider them as female planets. The strong influence of the auspicious Rahu in the horoscope can make the horoscope holder to travel abroad and also make him / her knowledge of one or more foreign languages.

Due to the absence of Rahu in the horoscope or under the influence of a bad planet, the person may face sudden losses and problems many times in his life. Such a person is generally not able to accumulate a lot of money, but also to accumulate wealth or build wealth from that wealth, because his earned money continues to be spent simultaneously.

The influence of inauspicious planets on Rahu can make the horoscope holder suffer from mental diseases, insomnia, nightmares, skin diseases and many other diseases.

Rahu’s auspicious and inauspicious position in horoscope

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Auspicious effects of Rahu

Unlucky effects of Rahu

Rahu fruit located in the horoscope: Generally, Rahu is auspicious and Sun, Moon, due to the friendship of Saturn, Venus and Mercury.Written By3rd Generation Celebrity Astrologer Acharya V Shastri

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