Lord Shri Krishna is worshiped on Janmashtami. By observing fast on this day, all the sufferings of the person ends. This year Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 11 August. The devotees who observe Janmashtami fast eat only one time a day before Janmashtami. According to mythological scriptures and scriptures, Shri Krishna was born on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month at midnight in Rohini Nakshatra. If Ashtami of Krishna Paksha falls in the month of Bhadrapada, if it is also a coincidence of Rohina Nakshatra, then it is considered more fortunate.

Janmasthami Related Other Names is Krishna Janmashtami, Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Kanhaiya Ashtami, Kanhaiya Aath, Shri Krishna Jayanti, Shreeji Jayanti

Sri Krishna Janmashtami date and auspicious time (श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी तिथि और शुभ मुहूर्त 2020)

Krishna Janmashtami on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Nishita Puja Time – 12:05 AM to 12:47 AM, August 12

Duration – 00 hours 43 minutes, Parana Time – 11:16 AM, August 12

Janmashtami 2020 Puja Vidhi and Method.

After bathing in the morning on the fast, greet all the gods and sit facing the east or north. After taking resolution with water, fruits and flowers in hand, at the mid-day, she made a maternity house for Devaki Ji to bathe the water of black sesame seeds. Now by laying a beautiful bed in Sutika Griha, set an auspicious urn on it. With this, install the idol or picture of Mother Devaki, who breastfed Lord Shri Krishna. In worship, Devaki, Vasudev, Balaram, Nand, Yashoda and Lakshmi ji take the names of all of them and worship duly. This fast is opened only after twelve o’clock at night. Grains are not eaten during this fast. Poultry flour dumplings, barfi and water chestnut flour pudding are made in the form of falahar.

Katha to be Read on Janmastami (According Hindu Purana and Shastra)

Indra has said- O Brahmaputra, O supreme among the sages, O God of all the scriptures, O God, tell me the fast in the fast, the fast from which humans get salvation, benefits and O Brahmins! By that fast, beings can also get enjoyment and salvation. Listening to Indra’s words, Naradji said – Kansa, who performed the abusive work at the end of Tretayuga and at the beginning of Dwapara Yuga, was a very sinful monster. That evil and inferior worker was a beautiful sister named Devaki of the vicious Kansa. The eighth son born of Devaki’s womb will kill Kamsa.

Hearing the words of Naradji, Indra said – O great mother! Describe in detail the story of that vicious Kansa. Is it possible that the eighth son born of Devaki’s womb will kill his maternal uncle Kamsa. Hearing Indra’s suspicious thoughts, Naradji said, O Aditiputra, Indra! Once upon a time. That evil Kansa asked an astrologer that the best astrologer among Brahmins! How and by whom i will die Astrologer said – O Kans are the best among demons! Devaki, wife of Vasudev who is eloquent and your sister too. His eighth son born from his womb, which will defeat enemies and become famous in this world as ‘Krishna’, will slaughter you once in the sunrise.

Hearing the words of the astrologer, Kamsa said, “O Gods, the foremost among the wise, now tell me in which month the eighth son of Devaki will kill me. Astrologer said- O Maharaj! On the date of Shukla Paksha of Magha month, you will have a fight with Shri Krishna, full of sixteen arts. They will kill you in the same war. That’s why, Your Highness! You protect yourself diligently. After telling this much, Naradji said to Indra – At the time told by the astrologer, the death of Hecons will be undoubtedly in his hands. Then Indra said- O Muni! Describe the story of that vicious Kansa and tell how Krishna will be born and how Kansa will be killed by Krishna.

Hearing Indra’s words, Naradji began to say again – that vicious Kansa told one of his gatekeepers – to protect my dear sister completely from this life. The gatekeeper said – this will happen. After Kansa’s departure, her younger sister went to the pond with grief on the pretext of taking water. Devaki started crying by sitting under a pouring tree on the banks of that pond. At the same time, a beautiful woman, whose name was Yashoda, came and said to Devaki in dear speech – O Kante! Why are you moaning like this? Tell me the reason for your crying. Then the distressed Devaki said to Yashoda – O sister! My elder brother Kansa, who is obsessed with low deeds. That evil brother killed many of my sons. I currently have an eighth son in my womb. He will kill it too. There is no doubt or doubt in this matter, because my elder brother fears that he will die from my eighth son.

On hearing Devaki’s words, Yashoda said – O sister! Don’t moan I am also pregnant. If I got a girl, then you should take that girl instead of your son. Thus your son will not be killed at the hands of Kansa.

Subsequently Kansa asked his gatekeeper – where is Devaki? She is not visible at the moment. Then the gatekeeper said to Kamsa in humble words- O Maharaj! Your sister has gone to the lake to collect water. Kansa got angry on hearing this and asked the gatekeeper to go to the same place where she has gone. The gatekeeper saw Devaki near the pond. Then she said what the reason you came here is. On hearing her talk, Devaki said that there was no water in my house, which I have come to the reservoir to collect. After this, Devaki went towards her home.

Kansa again told the gatekeeper that in this house you should protect my sister completely. Now Kansa felt so afraid that inside the house the huge locks were locked in the doors and outside the door, the demons and the demons were appointed to guard. Kansa was trying to save his life in every way. Once upon a time, the zodiacal clouds established their dominance in the sky of the Leo sun. It was half past midnight on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadau month. At that time, the moon was also in Taurus, Rohini Nakshatra, fortunately on Wednesday, when the combined moon rises in the middle of the night at midnight when a clock is formed, then the Shruti-Smriti Puranokta fruit is undoubtedly received.

Narrating thus, Naradji said to Indra – Shri Krishna was born in such a auspicious time called Vijay and with the influence of Shri Krishna, the doors of the prison house itself opened at that very moment. The guarded demons guarding the gate all became unconscious. Devaki said to her husband Vasudev at the same moment- O Lord! You abandon sleep and take this eight son of mine to Gokul, give this son to Yashoda, the wife of Nand Gop. At that time, Yamunaji was completely flooded, but when Vasudevji descended to cross the Yamunaji with the boy Krishna in the soup, the moment the touch of the feet of the child came, Yamunaji came back to her former form. Somehow Vasudevji reached Gokul and upon entering Nanda’s house he immediately gave him his son and took his daughter in return. He immediately returned from there and reached the prison house of Kansa.

In the morning, when all the demons were awakened by watchman sleep, Kansa asked the gatekeeper, what happened to Devaki’s womb? Find out and tell me. The gatekeepers obeyed Maharaj’s orders and went into the prison and saw that there was a girl in Devaki’s lap. Seeing which the gatekeepers informed Kansa, but Kansa was afraid of that girl. So he himself went to the prison and he grabbed the girl from Devaki’s lap and slammed her on a stone rock but the girl went from Vishnu’s maya towards the sky and went into space and turned into electricity.

He said to Kansa, O evil man The one who killed you has been born in Nanda’s house in Gokul and your death is sure from that. My name is Vaishnavi, I am born of Maya of Lord Vishnu, the doer of the world, after saying this she went towards heaven. Kansa got angry after hearing that Akashvani. She sent the demonic demoness to Nandaji’s house to slay Krishna, but when she started breastfeeding the demonic Krishna, Krishna pulled her life from her breast and died as she called the demonic Krishna-Krishna.

When Kansa received the news of Pootna’s death, he sent a monster named Keshi in the form of horse to slay Krishna, followed by a monster named Arishta in the form of a bull, but both of these also died at the hands of Krishna. . After this Kansa sent a monster named Kalyakhya as a crow, but he was also killed by Krishna. Kansa is horrified by the trauma of the death of his powerful demons. He ordered the gatekeepers to present Nanda immediately to me. When the gatekeeper appeared with Nanda, Kansa said to Nandji that if you want to save your life, bring flowers of Parijat. If you cannot bring it, then your slaughter is certain.

After listening to Kansa’s words, Nand said ‘so will it’ and went towards his house. On coming home, he narrated the entire account to his wife Yashoda, who was also listening to Shri Krishna. One day Sri Krishna was playing ball with his friends on the banks of river Yamuna and suddenly he himself threw the ball into Yamuna. The main purpose of throwing the ball in the Yamuna was to somehow bring Parijat flowers. So they climbed the Kadamb tree and jumped into the Yamuna.

Gopal, named Sridhar, told Yashoda that Krishna jumped into the Yamuna. Hearing this, Yashoda rushed to the banks of the Yamuna river and she prayed to the Yamuna river and said – O Yamuna! If I see the child, I will definitely observe Ashtami fasting with the Rohini of Bhadrapad month because mercy, charity, gentle beings, birth in Brahmin clan, Rohiniyukta Ashtami, Gangajal, Ekadashi, Gaya Shraddha and Rohini fast are all rare.

Thousands of Ashwamedha Yajna, Sahasron Rajasuya Yajna, charity pilgrimage and the fruits that are obtained by doing fasting are all obtained by performing Krishna fast. Narada Rishi said this to Indra. Indra said- O Narada, the best among the sages! After jumping into the Yamuna river, what did that Balrupi Krishna do to go to Hades? Also tell this complete account. Narada said- O Indra! Nagaraj’s wife said to that child in Hades, what are you doing here, where have you come from and what is the purpose of coming here?

Nagapatni said – O Krishna! Have you done gaming, in which you have lost all your money? If this thing is right, then go to your home with pebbles, crowns and necklaces because my lord is sleeping at this time. If they get up, they will devour you. Hearing Nagapatni’s words, Krishna said- ‘O Kante! For what purpose I have come here, I will tell you the account. Understand that I have lost the forehead of Kaliyanag to Kansa with Kansa and I have come here to take the same. Nagapatni became very angry on hearing this, of the child Krishna and while raising her sleeping husband, she said – O master! This enemy has come to your house. So, you violate it.

Hearing the words of his mistress, Kalyanag woke up from his sleep state and started fighting with the child Krishna. In this war Krishna became unconscious, he remembered Garuda to remove the same idol. Garuda came there as soon as he remembered. Sri Krishna now climbed Garuda and started fighting with Kaliyanag and he defeated Kaliyanag in battle.

Now Kaliyanag knew very well that those whom I am fighting are Sri Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, he prostrated at the feet of Krishna and presented many flowers originating from Parijat to Krishna by placing them in the crown. When Krishna was about to walk, Kaliyanag’s wife said, “O Lord!” I did not know Krishna. O Janardan, protect me without mantra, without action, without devotion. Oh God! Give me back my master. Then Shri Krishna said- O Sarpini! I will leave your husband in front of the cons which is the strongest among the demons, otherwise you leave your house. Now Shri Krishna came over the Yamuna dancing on the Kaliyanag’s fun.

Subsequently, the three folk became shaky due to Kalia’s taunt. Now Krishna went to the city of Mathura in Kansa. Seeing the lotus flowers there, he also went to the Kalia snake in the middle reservoir of Yamuna.

Here Kansa was also amazed and Krishna returned to Gokul with a pleased look. On his arrival at Gokul, his mother Yashoda performed various types of festivities. Now Indra asked Naradji- O Mahamune! The creature of the world became very happy when the child Shri Krishna came. After all, what character did Shri Krishna do? Please all of you please tell me. Narada said to Indra – Mathura Nagar, which defeats the mind, is located in the south part of the river Yamuna. There lived Chanur, the great brother of Kansa. Sri Krishna’s wrestling was announced from that Chanur. O Indra!

The wrestling between Krishna and Chanur was very surprising. Krishna was more childish than Chanur. Kansa and Keshi with the words of Bheri Shankha and Mridang were witnessing this war in the middle of the public meeting of Mathura. Shri Krishna trapped his feet in Chanur’s neck and killed him. After the death of Chanur, he had a fight with Keshi. Finally Keshi was also killed by Krishna in the battle. After the death of Keshi, all the creatures watching the war fought started shouting Krishna. The killing of Chanur and Keshi by the child Krishna was extremely heartbreaking for Kansa. Therefore, he called the soldiers and ordered them to fight with Krishna, equipped with all weapons and weapons.

O Indra! At the same moment Shri Krishna meditated on the Garuda, Balarama and Sudarshan Chakra, as a result of which Baldevji came with a Sudarshan Chakra, mounted on Garuda. Seeing them coming, the child Krishna took the Sudarshan Chakra from him and sat on the back of Garuda himself and killed many demons and demons, how many bodies were mutilated. In this war, Shri Krishna and Baldev killed innumerable demons. Balaramji with his Ordnance Arms plow and Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra, on the Saptami of the Shukla Paksha of Magha month, annihilated a group of huge demons.

When only the vicious Kansa was left at the end, Krishna said – O wicked, unrighteous, vicious, now I will fight this and kill you at this great battle site and will liberate this world from you. Saying this, Shri Krishna grabbed her hair and twisted the Kansa and slammed it to the earth, causing her death. On the death of Kamsa, the Gods offered conch shells and flowers. The community present there was hailing Shri Krishna. On the death of Kansa, Nanda, Devaki, Vasudev, Yashoda and all the creatures of this world celebrated Harsh Parva.

Then after the Janmastmi on 12th August at Parana Time – 11:16 AM you can open the fast.

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