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Friends who learn astrology, read this article very carefully and think about it today,

let’s talk about the sins committed by destiny that break mountains of sorrows over grief, they also do home worship lessons but it does not get the result of this. Due to the misdeeds of previous births, the main feelings of the horoscope are suffering, now you do not remember the misdeeds of previous births.

If Some one is born by dishonest of wealth, her wealth will be related to husband Rahu or Ketu. When Rahu Ketu will have a relationship with money, then it will be dishonest for him as well. In life, the person who snatches happiness, has been taking away the real property of another, for happiness in this birth, people will roam around for happiness and ancestral property will be destroyed and fifth house, a person who is pregnant or is about to conceive is suffering from lack of education and suffering of children whose seventh husband is suffering, he has given a lot of pain to his wife in his previous birth and to the husband, so to such other feelings If you become a victim, then 100% is not because 100% God has knowledge, we are despised human, but 99% will be right.

You talk about the people now. The horoscope has now become these sorrows. How to finish, in which scripture some more knowledgeable class will ask for proof, two words are enough for them that Shastra does not know or has read what he thinks is true, if you find it untrue, it will be unreal for you now. This is how to get rid, how to end the sorrow, for this you will have to work hard to make the fruits of these yogas fruitless, it means that with the power of your karma, now understand carefully how will it be fruitless and how will the sins committed by destiny be destroyed for wealth? Because wealth is meaningless without life, take a strange ascendant, as if Leo is lagna and Mercury is with sixth house Rahu, then Maa Lakshmi is the master of wealth.

If everyone worships, then the reward of worship is received in the form of virtue which will be received in the next life, in front of the idol of Shri Yantra and Lakshmi for this birth. In the month, the rice takes a flower in the Dakshina first and takes a resolution.

if not everyone knows Sanskrit, then take such a resolution, which is your birth name, and the constellation and the constellation in which the stage is born, like someone have Mukta Kashyapa gotra Magha Nakshatra in the third phase of Lakshmi Mother, his mother’s birth chart of Leo ascendant. his wealth, husband age and profit second and eight house lord Mercury is in the sixth house Capricorn with Rahu, the result of which Swaroop, He will not able to get opportunities for profit and also can not earn money and accumulated wealth also becomes wastage, O Goddess, in this birth chart, wealth husband and benefit house husband chant your seed mantras to nullify the fruit of Mercury Rahu. It is O Goddess, in my birth chart, Dhanpati benefits in the horoscope of husband Mercury and Rahu, we vow that I will not steal anyone’s wealth fraudulently by dishonesty.

Destroy the sins of birth and Lakshmi ji, also chant the seed mantras, as the fruit of this yuti will be destroyed, the economic condition will continue to improve, take care of one thing only Rahu Ketu is not the cause, for example the resolution is explained While taking the truth only mention the reason which is in the horoscope, do not even have to take any work for free, it becomes a debt taken free of cost to repay. Neither becomes hell, do not dishonor anyone’s labor and continue to live and get rid of sins and attain salvation because Lakshmi ji is also salvation, this experiment is for wealth, not a problem with children, health.

Next time I will also tell that do not destroy money in the net of thugs, in the inbox and giving 100% ‘thugs is the minimum fee, some people are fit by applying some general blunt and then they are fit If you give huge sums of money in the name of correcting, such a question kept away from such babas and astrologers, stay away from the people giving greed in other ways by putting a free post, just think if you could do it right, be it right for the beggars.

Like going to someone’s inbox, why would the astrologer not only tell the reason and prevention, he is telling the declining truth of your life, the same astrologer is the other.

Written By: 3rd Generation Celebrity Astrologer, Acharya V Shastri

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